Cinema Grade Filmmaker For FCPX Free Download

Cinema Grade Filmmaker For FCPX Free Download

Proven Color Grading Plugin Sets Filmmakers Apart WITHOUT Struggling With Functions & Buttons And Gets The

Point-And-Click Grading In The Viewer

Easily grade your images directly in a big beautiful viewer like MAGIC!
Includes False Color feature for nailing exposure without scopes.

Hollywood Colorist Looks

Choose from over 60 color presets to give your films a big cinema look in seconds or copy the look of any image with the ‘Look Transfer Tool’

LUT Previewer

No more guesswork.  Save time by getting a real-time preview of your favorite LUTs as thumbnails.

Grade 3X Faster (Big Budget Workflow)

Finish projects 3X faster and with far better results by following the same grading process utilized in Hollywood with step-by-step approach.

Shot Matching With Groups

Get consistent looks across entire scenes and projects with convenient copy batch processing and easy side-by-side matching.

Academy Color Science And Xrite Chart Support

Support for ACES color science as well as support for Xrite video charts to make addressing Log footage and camera matching a breeze.

Bonus #1: Color Grading Academy 

Be shown and guided every step of the way in Cinema Grade from newcomer to crushing in the color grade!  This is the all-in-one solution!

Bonus #2: RAW Footage 

This bonus is going to make it faster and easier for you to gain practical experience from real world footage used in the Academy lessons.

Bonus #3: Film Add-Ons 

Get the look of 35mm film with 22 different Fuji, Kodak & other film stocks, film grain and 30 ASCEND colorist presets to set your work apart.

Bonus #4: Look Hacking System 

This bonus is going to make it faster and easier for you to get the look of your favorite film or television show.



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