Cinema 4D CITY RIG 1.9 Plugin Free Download

Cinema 4D CITY RIG 1.9 Plugin Free Download


CityRIG 1.9 Update and CityBuilder Lite/Pro

a new update of CityRIG 1.9 is out and it contains some improvements. The CityBlock Generator has been replaced by the new CityBuilder Lite. It is much faster and less repetitive.

CityRig allows you to create your own randomly generated buildings and cities in Cinema 4D. Use your own textures for the facades, window lights, entrance, roof, ground and ads. Generate buildings in a random composition of all components, or generate it according to your control.

Windows, roofs and entrances are rendered by displacement maps, which are shown in great detail with the Octane Renderer and at the same time height maps keeping the polygon number of the buildings low and the viewport fast.


City Rig includes two Scripts: BUILDING GENERATOR and CITY BLOCK. The Building Generator creates random arrangements from various components. Each building consists of three shapes that vary in size and position. The collection of shapes can be exchanged or edited.



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