Aescripts workflower v1.1.4 Free Download

Aescripts workflower v1.1.4 Free Download

There are some limitations for Mac users as well as for Japanese users on Windows. The main limitation is that you can only use a maximum of 20 shortcuts. Also, if you have shortcuts applied to other scripts, the number of shortcuts you can use for Workflower functions gets reduced as well. Read up here about the limitations. Please test out the trial first to see whether it works for you.

Apply Effects!
Workflower will create a layer, onto which you can apply your effects. It will then copy these effects with linked expressions to all previously selected layers.

If you add new effects, change the effects order, or link new layers to the adjustment layer, just hit Refresh to update all linked layers.

  • Quick Refresh Connections (A faster mode to refresh Precomp Clones. However, you can still use the regular Refresh Connections function.)
  • Matted Adjustment Layers (An alternative to the Workflower’s regular Adjustment Layer to Selected Layers.)
  • Layer Storing (Often used layers can be stored and then pasted again using a shortcut. So it’s some kind of an extended clipboard. With multiple store spaces!)
  • Rename Layers by Number
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1.1.4  (Current version)  –  May 26, 2022

[ADDED] – If you separate position dimensions by default (introduced in AE 22.4), group headers as well as other Workflower layers will now separate dimensions too.
– When you use ‘Store Layers’ and ‘Paste Stored Layers’, layer references in effects will now be retained.

[CHANGED] – When merging mattes, a matte layer with separated dimensions but otherwise unchanged transforms will now be added to the ‘Matte Merge’ directly and not be cloned.
– When centering a group header, disabled layers as well as ‘Parent Exception Layers’ will now be ignored while averaging the position.

[FIXED] – Fixed a bug that prevented the check within ‘Refresh Layout’ whether ‘Group Adjustment Layers’ need to be refreshed to work in certain circumstances.
– Fixed a bug that would prevent entire groups to be pasted using ‘Paste Stored Layers’.
– Fixed a bug that would falsely parent a ‘Clone in Comp’, created from a layer with ‘Collapse Transformation’, within a parented group.
– Fixed a bug that would not precompose a layer while leaving all attributes in the comp when the layer contained a sampleImage() expression.

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