Aescripts workflower 1.1.4 Free Download

Aescripts workflower 1.1.4 Free Download


Notice for After Effects 2023 Users:


Unfortunately, Workflower’s matting tools are mostly incompatible with AE 23’s new ‘Selectable Track Mattes’ feature. I’m working on an update for Workflower’s matting tools to conform to the new system.

Release for the new version is planned for     mid-December       February (ahem, sorry…)       maybe February but probably March (ugh, sorry again I guess?…)     yeah, March it is… (this time it’s coming, I promise!!1!11!!!)   uuuum, did I promise March??? I mistyped, I obviously meant April. But in April, it’s coming. I promise. Promise. Promise. Promise!!! Really. Believe me. It’s really happening, guys!! Why won’t you believe me???

For the time being, you will have to stick with AE 22 or below.

Workflower changed my life. It can change yours, too.

— Strottman (@ Reddit)

This incredible tool has finally fixed After Effect’s biggest limitation which is having to pre-compose multiple layers to group them.
I’ve used Workflower on numerous and complex projects for big brands and agencies and can honestly say, it will enhance your workflow in After Effects like no other tool has ever before.

— Yotam Hatzvi

Just amazing! One of the best plugins ever! It’s so essential that it should be part of the standard installation!

— Studio Eins

This is simply the most intelligent and useful toolset I have seen in decades. Well worth the considerable effort required to learn the shortcuts and remember the immense functionality.

— Trevor Gilchrist

I have said it way too often about others in the past (Flow, kBar, etc) but WORKFLOWER is another one of those AE Scripts that Adobe should just fold into the system and make it native if they aren’t going to do it themselves.

— Ryan Summers (School of Motion)

I use this ALL the time.

— Shok_the_monkey (@ Reddit)

You are a crazy person who loves pain.

— hopingforfrequency (@ Reddit)

Such an amazing script. Been using it since the new version launch.

— Stephen Mylonas

I use Workflower for this [grouping] and group effects, mattes and adjustment layers. Major, major time-saver.

— Mike Bischoff


We’re all in a very unhealthy love-hate relationship with After Effects. We love it for how intuitive it is. We get a rush when building a beautiful shot. But then … there are precomps. And then … there are comps cluttered with too many f*cking layers. And … these GODDAMN different transforms of layers!

It could be so much simpler. Well, Workflower is here to help and it could be the perfect therapist for our relationship crisis with After Effects. But

After Effects 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018

1.1.4  (Current version)  –  May 26, 2022

[ADDED] – If you separate position dimensions by default (introduced in AE 22.4), group headers as well as other Workflower layers will now separate dimensions too.
– When you use ‘Store Layers’ and ‘Paste Stored Layers’, layer references in effects will now be retained.

[CHANGED] – When merging mattes, a matte layer with separated dimensions but otherwise unchanged transforms will now be added to the ‘Matte Merge’ directly and not be cloned.
– When centering a group header, disabled layers as well as ‘Parent Exception Layers’ will now be ignored while averaging the position.

[FIXED] – Fixed a bug that prevented the check within ‘Refresh Layout’ whether ‘Group Adjustment Layers’ need to be refreshed to work in certain circumstances.
– Fixed a bug that would prevent entire groups to be pasted using ‘Paste Stored Layers’.
– Fixed a bug that would falsely parent a ‘Clone in Comp’, created from a layer with ‘Collapse Transformation’, within a parented group.
– Fixed a bug that would not precompose a layer while leaving all attributes in the comp when the layer contained a sampleImage() expression.

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