Aescripts DepthScanner v1.2.2 Free Download

Aescripts DepthScanner v1.2.2 Free Download

New: Detail enhancements and better temporal stability. Goodbye flicker! Artificial Intelligence-based plugin for automatic depth estimation.

NOTE THAT IT IS CURRENTLY ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS. Please check full compatibility details below.

Depth Scanner

(Windows only. Nvidia graphics card needed for gpu version of the plugin.)

Depth Scanner lets you create depth maps from images and videos. The resulting depth map can be used for a variety of post processing tasks, like adding fog, converting footage to stereo-3d and many more image effects.


Prediction from single image

Robust and consistent depth estimation from a wide variety of scenes. We use one of the most advanced depth prediction models and have it optimized for everydays usage!

Optimized for video

The only depth estimator on the market which can produce flicker free and consistent results on video. Multiple frames are used to calculate temporally stable depth maps.

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