Aescript bendio1.0.1 Free Download

Aescript bendio1.0.1 Free Download

Download the original project file for this promo here and see how we used Bendio to bend everything!!

Bendio is an After Effects plugin for bending layers with the ability to parent other layers to the bend. It’s quick and simple to use and it can work with any type of layer – rasters and vectors.

“Anyone who ever used CC Bend It is going to be excited about this one.” – Ryan Summers


Bendio is ideal for incorporating bends into chains of parented layers, like character rigs.

Sure, you can kinda do it with puppet pins, but it takes ages to set up, often looks… bad, and is almost impossible to re-adjust after you set the pins.

With Bendio, you just drag attach points to wherever you want them, and move them whenever you need to. There’s a button to generate nulls which follow those points as you bend the layer.

You’ll be up and bending a LOT quicker and more reliably, so you can get on with making beautiful animation.

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1.0.1  (Current version)  –  Mar 30, 2023

Fixed an issue with cropping

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