REVIVE Retouch Photoshop Actions Free Download

REVIVE Retouch Photoshop Actions Free Download

The REVIVE Creative Retouch Photoshop Actions {originally known as Rare Bird Retouch} is a photographers best friend and a tool kit that will take your editing game to a whole new level.

This bundle of 100 actions gives the editor complete creative control over their images, using unique colour adjustments, portrait enhancements (makeup, contouring, skin retouch), temperature control, exposure balance, light manipulation, stylish filters, bonus workflows, and so much more.

This creative retouch action set is years in the making! These are the tried and tested actions that I use on a daily basis in my own photography business, and I know they can become a vital part of your editing workflow.

Only have a basic knowledge of Photoshop? No problem! All of the layers in these actions have been properly labeled so you always know exactly what you’re doing, and why. You’ll also notice helpful instructional messages that will pop up from time to time, explaining the how to’s, tips and tricks. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned Photoshopper, this set will soon become a go-to action set you won’t want to edit without!


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