Kaitlin Turner Lightroom CC Presets Free Download

Kaitlin Turner Lightroom CC Presets Free Download

Take your photos to the next level! Presets are all anyone can talk about and are used by all the top influencers. I receive tons of direct messages a day asking what I use to edit my photos. I have finally decided to sell the ones I have been using for years!!

You don’t even need the paid version of Lightroom, these presets can be used and adjusted on the free Lightroom CC app! These presets are ideal for any type of photo whether its professional or on an iPhone.

Now, you must understand not every preset looks perfect on every picture right away. If you are used to presets, you know it may take some adjusting. I normally adjust the exposure, contrast, temperature, and sometimes color for the best results! These presets are perfect for beginners who want a feed like mine and want to start somewhere. I will most likely be making a TikTok video on tips for how to edit with my presets to the best of your abilities.

Your purchase includes 2 files: 2 dng files including the presets. (The photos you see above that I have used as an example are my presets BEFORE ANY adjusting!)


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