Archipelago Quest – Quest 11 / Instant Film Free Download

Archipelago Quest – Quest 11 / Instant Film Free Download

Quest 11- Instant Film. Remember the simpler times – Your favorite sun-drenched swimming hole, celebrating birthdays with friends, or just a quiet day wandering the streets on vacation. Capturing these moments with instafilm – Creating precious memories to be cherished – gems to be tucked away in a treasured book or box. This collection features elements such as instant film-inspired edges, streaks and tones, with two profiles that emulate the characteristics of this medium.

AQ11i Instant Film – A deep golden copper color palette with light teal greens and subdued blues.

AQ11 ii Instant Film – A soft sun-drenched warmth with tones reminiscent of 70’s Instafilm.

AQ11 iii Instant Film – Cool teal overtone, with coral reds, a true iconic InstaFilm pallet.

AQ11 iv Instant Film – A matte yet modern take on Instafilm, with a more “true to life” appearance.

AQ11 v (intage) Film i – This preset emulates streaks and light leaks, true characteristics of vintage Insta Film.

AQ11 v (intage) Film ii – A classic vintage matte appearance, with unique streaks and tones.

Instant Film Profile – Use this and watch your images transform with classic matte highlights and crushed shadows.

Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop/ACR apps: LR Classic CC (v11+), and/or LR CC (v5+), and/or Adobe Photoshop ACR (v14+)  After


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