Sonic Extensions Twisted Trees By Diego Stocco For Omnisphere 2 Free Download

Sonic Extensions Twisted Trees By Diego Stocco For Omnisphere 2 Free Download

Organic Dreams & Nightmares

After many years of development, legendary sound designer Diego Stocco proudly introduces an intense new sonic world built entirely from wood! Twisted Treesβ„’ is an endlessly inspiring tool, curated specifically for dark cinematic production. The organic heart of every sound adds a unique earthy color – whether you need a bit of mystique or when it’s time for full-on terror mode. From a whisper to a scream, Twisted Trees delivers an endless experience of creative possibilities.

A creative tour-de-force by legendary sound designer Diego Stocco Exclusive new β€œTwisted Space” natural elements reverb/echo effect Exclusive new β€œTwisted Root” multiband subsonic enhancer effect Every sound built entirely using wood and elements of nature! Thousands of unique sounds in nine different categories Powerful Custom Controls for immediate sound manipulation Over 400 extraordinary new organic Soundsources Elements mixer makes it inspiring to create and automate Deep sampled percussion to otherworldly playable textures An invaluable scoring tool you will reach for again and again Requires Omnisphere 2.8.5e or higher

Sound Listing
(303 Patches)

– 54 Patches

Acrobat Monkeys
Aged Tree Pop Beat
Attack of the Fire Beast
Beating Root
Black Magic Sequence
Cloak and Dagger
Deepskin Drum Pattern 1
Deepskin Drum Pattern 2
Deepskin Drum Pattern 3
Elephants Charging
Engineered Gorilla
Flores Prodigiosum
Flying With The Dragons
Giant Earth Worms
Hallucinogenic Woods
Heavy Steps
Intruders in the Night
Jungle Gym
Kaleidoscopic Beat
Keeper Of Time
Lumberjack Psychopath
March of the Rattling Twigs
Menacing Rust
Meridian Rattle Stick
Mutation of the Vines
Nervous Echoes
Nordic Rattle Stick
Pattern of Rust
Pickup Sticks 1
Pickup Sticks 2
Pickup Sticks 3
Primal Deepskin Drum
Prototype Marimba
Pulsating Beat
Resurrection of the Roots
Rhythmic Reflections
Rhythmic Storm
Riding On The Mountain
Rising Tensions
Shapeshifting Branches
Sprouting Plants
Squirrels on the Run
Through the Cursed Tree
Tonal Wooden Drops
Totem Pole
Tree Man of the Future
Tree of Life
Tree Pop Chordal Bass
Tribal Tensions
Triplets Leaves
Twisted Heartbeat
Undercover Pulse

– 13 Patches

Animal Drum Bowed Sustain
Beachwood Bass
Big Sequoia Bass
Bowed Beachwood
Bowing Glass Ships
Fire Beast Bowed Bass
Fire Beast Bowed Tenor
Forgotten Souls
Ghost Ship Bowed Wails
Ghost Ship Deep Wails
Inner Core Bass
Poison Ivy
Secret Surge

– 30 Patches

Angry Hornets Horn
Angry Hornets Sting
Banyan Kickbass
Ceramic Fireflies
Chop Scary
Croaky Clatter
Crow Strike
Curiously Bizarre Creatures
Curse of the Leaf Blower
Dark Horizon
Deep Hornet Hit
Dragging the Carcass
Drone Above The Forest
Dry Leaf Radiator
Echo Valley
Falling Ashes Hit
Freak Creak
Ghost Ship Deranged
Grey Wood Tremolo
Heavy Tree Trunk Hit
Hitting the Temple Gate
Lite Stinger
Little Freaks
Magic Roots
Mysterious Refrain
Planking Out
Possessed Trees Hit
Primitive Instinct
Wicked Spigots

– 52 Patches

Allegory of Madness
Animal Cortex Machine
Anxious Monkeys
Approaching Earth
Blood-curdling Shredder
Breathing and Rolling Ents
Breathing Cortex
Cortex Anguish
Crawling Cortex
Crawling Inside
Crop Duster
Damned Dirty Apes
Dark Fog Forest
Dolphin Babies
Dolphin Radio
Dragon Breath
Driftwood Motor
Ghost Ship Rasping
Goat Yoga Gone Wrong
Grinding Glass Rodents
Growing Fungi
Growing Sentient Fungi
Haunted Bog
Haunted Patagonia
Humongous Twigs
Inexplicable Abrasions
Insane Fire Beast Voice
Lamentions of the Firebeast
Living Scarecrows
Microscopic Life
Multiforma Branches
Munching on the Tree
Panther Cortex
Primal Free Jazz
Rolling Trunk
Rooster Pain
Rusted Cry
Rusted Space Creatures
Scraping the Barrel
Scraping the Gravel
Sheep Shearer
Slithering Trunk
Spirits Under Glass
Super Subsonics
Tree Shredder
Underground Batcave
Walnuts Motorized
What’s Crawling in the Attic
Wriggling Cortex

– 13 Patches

Aurora Universale
Autumn Dreamfields
Butterflies Migration
Ethereal Palm
Hidden In The Fog
Hollow Earth
Incantation Swirl
Mystical Palm
Organic Analog Pad
Rebirth of the Saplings
Slight Agitation
Warm Radiation

– 33 Patches

Animated Wood-imba
Bamboo Mallet Motor
Bamboo Motion Motor
Bruised Wood
Bump Thump
Doorbell Leaf
Driftwood Tonal
European Beech Pluck
Grey Wood Muted Perc
Light Rays
Morton’s Wooden Buchla
PERC – Master Twisted Menu
PERC – Animal Drum Deepskin
PERC – Animal Drum Sticks
PERC – Beachwood
PERC – Canyon Wood Menu
PERC – Cortex Hits
PERC – Crunchy Woodsteps
PERC – Deep Fire Beast
PERC – Dry Leaf Menu
PERC – Fire Beast Rattle
PERC – Hanging Sticks
PERC – Leaves Snare
PERC – Palm Menu
PERC – Rattling Beachwood
PERC – Tossed Wood
PERC – Walnuts
PERC – Wood Strike
Plonk the Writhing Stickbow
Rando Fire Beast Perc
Spooky Toys
Wood Pluck Perc

– 45 Patches

Ancient Woods Ritual
Animal Drum Friction
Baby Tree Flute
Beachwood Flute
Breathing Beachwood
Breathing Redwood
Broken Wind Pipe
Burning Fog
Cathedral in the Forest
Cortex Nerves
Cortex Underbelly
Dark Element Drone
Dark Palm Bass
Dark Times in the Underworld
Dream Traveler
Enigmatic Zephyr
Expressive Darkness
Family of Sad Rodents
Fire Beast Luminoso
Foreboding Lights
Giant Palm Organ
Green Evolution
Hog Mud
Leaf Broken Bow
Majestic Woodlands
Melodic Sandwood 1
Melodic Sandwood 2
Organ Birds
Organ Reptile
Rattling Palm Bass 1
Rattling Palm Bass 2
Scanner Palm
Spinning in the Air
Steady Palm Bass
Synth Branches
Terra Firmed
Universal Root
Unsettling Winds
Unwelcome Intruder
Wavepalm 1
Wavepalm 2
Wavepalm 3
Wavepalm 4

– 36 Patches

Avant Garde Hallucination
Awakening Spirits
Burned Ground
Dark Creatures
Deranged Animal
Dirge of the Forest Creatures
Donkey Needs Help
Dread Horizon
Drunken Little Bird
Eerie Bellflowers
Evolution of the Ancients
Glass Flowers
Glorious Incantations
Godzilla’s Dream
Growing Fear
Infestation of the Birds
Into the Snake Pit
Looming Tornado
Lunatics in the Forest
Magic Mushrooms
Moaning Hornets
Modular Palm 1
Modular Palm 2
Modular Palm 3
Ominous Underbrush
Primordial Chaos
Quiet Fear
Squeak Beast
Terrifying Birds
The Forest of No Return
The Weeping Cortex
Unhappy Accident
Valley of Shadows
Varispeed Phantasm
Wailing Cortex
Wave Tension

– 27 Patches

Abominable Voices of Fear
Aiming to Rewind Nature
Assault of the Stormbreaker
Beast Inside
Beastly Depths
Beware the Tarantula Wasp
Chunks of Acid
Click Language
Creep Factor
Creepy Trees
Decelerating Beats
Dolphin Chatter
Eerie Birds
Fire Spirit
Freaky Squeaky
Hairpin Turns
Illumination of the Thicket
Internal Terror
Liquid Tree Particles
Modulated Twigs
Monstrous Knocking
Mutant Twig Scream
My Wooden Dolphin
Palm Rattle
Pig Wrestling
Shrieking Wood Horse
Wounded Beast


– 11 Soundsources

Twisted Angry Hornets Ambient
Twisted Angry Hornets Sting 01
Twisted Angry Hornets Sting 02
Twisted Angry Hornets Sting 03
Twisted Angry Hornets Sting 04
Twisted Angry Hornets Sting 05
Twisted Angry Hornets Sting 06
Twisted Angry Hornets Sting 07
Twisted Angry Hornets Sting 08
Twisted Angry Hornets Sting 09
Twisted Angry Hornets Sting 10

– 200 Soundsources

Twisted Angry Hornets Hit 1
Twisted Angry Hornets Hit 2
Twisted Angry Hornets Hit 3
Twisted Angry Hornets Hit 4
Twisted Animal Drum Deepskin ^ RR
Twisted Animal Drum Sticks ^ RR
Twisted Bamboo Mono Key ^
Twisted Bamboo Mono Perc 1
Twisted Bamboo Mono Perc 2
Twisted Bamboo Wide Key ^
Twisted Bamboo Wide Perc 1
Twisted Bamboo Wide Perc 2
Twisted Bamboo Wide Perc 3
Twisted Canyon Wood Perc 01
Twisted Canyon Wood Perc 02
Twisted Canyon Wood Perc 03
Twisted Canyon Wood Perc 04
Twisted Canyon Wood Perc 05
Twisted Canyon Wood Perc 06
Twisted Canyon Wood Perc 07
Twisted Canyon Wood Perc 08
Twisted Canyon Wood Perc 09
Twisted Canyon Wood Perc 10
Twisted Canyon Wood Perc 11
Twisted Canyon Wood Perc Menu
Twisted Canyon Wood Tonal Hit
Twisted Crunchy Wood 1 ^
Twisted Crunchy Wood 2 ^
Twisted Driftwood Mono Key ^
Twisted Driftwood Mono Perc 1
Twisted Driftwood Mono Perc 2
Twisted Driftwood Wide Key ^
Twisted Driftwood Wide Perc 1
Twisted Driftwood Wide Perc 2
Twisted Driftwood Wide Perc 3
Twisted Driftwood Wide Perc 4
Twisted Dry Leaf Air ^ RR
Twisted Dry Leaf Alto ^ RR
Twisted Dry Leaf Bass ^ RR
Twisted Dry Leaf Bell ^ RR
Twisted Dry Leaf Blower
Twisted Dry Leaf Menu
Twisted Dry Leaf Perc 1
Twisted Dry Leaf Perc 2
Twisted Dry Leaf Perc 3
Twisted Dry Leaf Perc 4
Twisted Dry Leaf Perc 5
Twisted Dry Leaf Perc 6
Twisted Dry Leaf Perc 7
Twisted Dry Leaf Perc 8
Twisted Dry Leaf Perc 9
Twisted Dry Leaf Radiator 1
Twisted Dry Leaf Radiator 2
Twisted Dry Leaf Radiator 3
Twisted Dry Leaf Thump
Twisted Fire Beast Rattle Perc ^
Twisted Fire Beast Tail Perc ^
Twisted Grey Wood Muted Perc ^
Twisted Grey Wood Tremolo ^
Twisted Leaves Snare ^ RR
Twisted Master Percussion Menu ^
Twisted Palm Percussion 1 ^ RR
Twisted Palm Percussion 2 ^ RR
Twisted Palm Percussion 3 ^ RR
Twisted Palm Percussion 4 ^ RR
Twisted Palm Percussion Menu ^ RR
Twisted Palm Rattle ^
Twisted Pluck Wood ^ RR
Twisted Rattling Beachwood Perc ^
Twisted Space – Air Fiesole
Twisted Space – Airy Birds
Twisted Space – Airy Skies
Twisted Space – Aleatory Drop
Twisted Space – Amazonia
Twisted Space – Babbling Brook
Twisted Space – Back Flare
Twisted Space – Bamboo Canes
Twisted Space – Bark Friction
Twisted Space – Bats in the Cave
Twisted Space – Bell Flowers
Twisted Space – Bird Trill HI
Twisted Space – Bird Trill LO
Twisted Space – Black Crow
Twisted Space – Blizzard Heavy
Twisted Space – Blizzard Wind
Twisted Space – Bloom Echo
Twisted Space – Bow and Arrow
Twisted Space – Branches
Twisted Space – Cave Air 1
Twisted Space – Cave Air 2
Twisted Space – Cave Exploration
Twisted Space – Clock Springs 1
Twisted Space – Clock Springs 2
Twisted Space – Cold Focus
Twisted Space – Creaking Logs
Twisted Space – Creaky Branches
Twisted Space – Deep Cave Explorer
Twisted Space – Dinosaur Breath
Twisted Space – Disturbing Rattler
Twisted Space – Double Helix
Twisted Space – Dripping Brook
Twisted Space – Duckasaurus HI
Twisted Space – Duckasaurus LO
Twisted Space – Emerging Wood Rub
Twisted Space – Enigmatic Woods
Twisted Space – Fall Trap
Twisted Space – Fiesole Forest
Twisted Space – Fiesole Logs
Twisted Space – Fold Back
Twisted Space – Forest Logs
Twisted Space – Forest Steps
Twisted Space – Frost Lake
Twisted Space – Gentle Leap
Twisted Space – Gentle Tumble
Twisted Space – Gentle Windy Leaves
Twisted Space – Groaning Ents
Twisted Space – Growling Cub
Twisted Space – Ice Excavation 1
Twisted Space – Ice Excavation 2
Twisted Space – Inside the Trees
Twisted Space – Leaves Cascade
Twisted Space – Light Air
Twisted Space – Light Morning
Twisted Space – Liquid Woods 1
Twisted Space – Liquid Woods 2
Twisted Space – Lite Scraper
Twisted Space – Lite Tapper
Twisted Space – Little Branches
Twisted Space – Little Critters
Twisted Space – Locking the Ratchet
Twisted Space – Logging Road
Twisted Space – Logs in the Cave
Twisted Space – Magical Bird Realm
Twisted Space – Maiano Resonance 1
Twisted Space – Maiano Resonance 2
Twisted Space – Midnight Animals
Twisted Space – Mini Monster
Twisted Space – Monsoon
Twisted Space – Multibird HI
Twisted Space – Multibird LO
Twisted Space – Natural Beauty
Twisted Space – Night Crickets 1
Twisted Space – Night Crickets 2
Twisted Space – Olive Trees
Twisted Space – Open Space
Twisted Space – Palm Breeze
Twisted Space – Park Leaves
Twisted Space – Possession 1
Twisted Space – Possession 2
Twisted Space – Punching Airbag
Twisted Space – Purrrrs 1
Twisted Space – Purrrrs 2
Twisted Space – Rain Clouds
Twisted Space – Raking the Leaves
Twisted Space – Retro Cubism
Twisted Space – Reverse Circle
Twisted Space – Ritualistic
Twisted Space – Rolling Branches
Twisted Space – Rolling Metal
Twisted Space – Round Air
Twisted Space – Rubbing Sticks HI
Twisted Space – Rubbing Sticks LO
Twisted Space – Running Ducks
Twisted Space – Sawing Logs
Twisted Space – Skipping Sticks
Twisted Space – Small Rattle
Twisted Space – Solar Rise
Twisted Space – Subterranean Tree
Twisted Space – Supernatural Evolver
Twisted Space – The Screamer
Twisted Space – Thin Canes
Twisted Space – Trapped in the Forest
Twisted Space – Tree Creatures
Twisted Space – Tribal Vibrations
Twisted Space – Tumbling Logs
Twisted Space – Uncoiled
Twisted Space – Utopialand 1
Twisted Space – Utopialand 2
Twisted Space – Whipping Around
Twisted Space – Wood Circle
Twisted Space – Wood Moth
Twisted Space – Woodpecker
Twisted Tossed Wood ^
Twisted Walnuts Hand Mono Perc 1
Twisted Walnuts Hand Mono Perc 2
Twisted Walnuts Hand Mono Perc 3
Twisted Walnuts Motor Mono Key ^
Twisted Walnuts Motor Mono Perc 1
Twisted Walnuts Motor Mono Perc 2
Twisted Walnuts Motor Mono Perc 3
Twisted Walnuts Motor Wide Key ^
Twisted Walnuts Motor Wide Perc 1
Twisted Walnuts Motor Wide Perc 2
Twisted Wood Kick 1 Dry ^
Twisted Wood Kick 1 Sub ^
Twisted Wood Kick 2 Dry ^
Twisted Wood Kick 2 Synth ^
Twisted Wood Pluck Percussion RR
Twisted Wood Strike Perc ^
Twisted Wood Tonal Pluck Perc ^

– 154 Soundsources

Twisted Animal Drum Butchery 1 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Butchery 1 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Butchery 2 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Butchery 2 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Butchery 3 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Butchery 3 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Chop Wide Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Chop Wide Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Chopping 1 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Chopping 1 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Chopping 2 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Chopping 2 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Chopping 3 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Chopping 3 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Deranged 1 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Deranged 1 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Deranged 2 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Deranged 2 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Friction Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Friction Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Rust Wide Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Rust Wide Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Rusted 1 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Rusted 1 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Rusted 2 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Rusted 2 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Rusted 3 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Rusted 3 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Spigots Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Spigots Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Squeaky 1 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Squeaky 1 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Squeaky 2 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Squeaky 2 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Squeaky 3 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Squeaky 3 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Surge 1 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Surge 1 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Surge 2 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Surge 2 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Surge 3 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Surge 3 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Sustain 1 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Sustain 1 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Sustain 2 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Sustain 2 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Wounded 1 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Wounded 1 Wet
Twisted Animal Drum Wounded 2 Dry
Twisted Animal Drum Wounded 2 Wet
Twisted Bamboo Hand Wide Motion 1
Twisted Bamboo Hand Wide Motion 2
Twisted Bamboo Motor MonoMotion 1
Twisted Bamboo Motor MonoMotion 2
Twisted Bamboo Motor Wide Motion 01
Twisted Bamboo Motor Wide Motion 02
Twisted Bamboo Wide Burst
Twisted Beachwood Freak 1
Twisted Beachwood Freak 2
Twisted Beachwood Freak 3
Twisted Bowed Beachwood Bass
Twisted Bowed Beachwood Flute RR
Twisted Bowed Beachwood RR
Twisted Driftwood Hand Wide Motion
Twisted Driftwood Motor Burst
Twisted Driftwood Motor Motion 1
Twisted Driftwood Motor Motion 2
Twisted Driftwood Motor Wide 1
Twisted Driftwood Motor Wide 2
Twisted Driftwood Wide Burst
Twisted Dry Leaf Broken Bow
Twisted Fire Beast Bowed Bass
Twisted Fire Beast Bowed Sustain
Twisted Fire Beast Insane Voice
Twisted Fire Beast Lament
Twisted Fire Beast Random Monkey
Twisted Fire Beast Random Perc 1
Twisted Fire Beast Random Perc 2
Twisted Fire Beast Squeak 1
Twisted Fire Beast Squeak 2
Twisted Ghost Ship Avant Garde
Twisted Ghost Ship Bowed Growling
Twisted Ghost Ship Bowed Wail ^
Twisted Ghost Ship Deep
Twisted Ghost Ship Deranged
Twisted Ghost Ship Flutey ^
Twisted Ghost Ship Glassy ^
Twisted Ghost Ship Motion 01
Twisted Ghost Ship Motion 02
Twisted Ghost Ship Motion 03
Twisted Ghost Ship Motion 04
Twisted Ghost Ship Motion 05
Twisted Ghost Ship Motion 06
Twisted Ghost Ship Motion 07
Twisted Ghost Ship Motion 08
Twisted Ghost Ship Motion 09
Twisted Ghost Ship Motion 10
Twisted Ghost Ship Short Wails
Twisted Ghost Ship Stickbow ^
Twisted Ghost Ship Stickbow Fast
Twisted Ghost Ship VariPitch
Twisted Ghost Ship VariSpeed
Twisted Palm Cortex Anguish
Twisted Palm Cortex Creeping 1
Twisted Palm Cortex Creeping 2
Twisted Palm Cortex Dragon
Twisted Palm Cortex Growling
Twisted Palm Cortex Machine 1
Twisted Palm Cortex Machine 2
Twisted Palm Cortex Machine 3
Twisted Palm Cortex Moaning
Twisted Palm Cortex Panther
Twisted Palm Cortex Scraping 1
Twisted Palm Cortex Scraping 2
Twisted Palm Cortex Shredder
Twisted Palm Cortex Wailing 1
Twisted Palm Cortex Wailing 2
Twisted Palm Cortex Weeping 1
Twisted Palm Cortex Weeping 2
Twisted Palm Rattling Bass 1
Twisted Palm Rattling Bass 2 ^
Twisted Rattling Beachwood 1
Twisted Rattling Beachwood 2
Twisted Rattling Beachwood 3
Twisted Rattling Beachwood 4
Twisted Revolving Trunk 1
Twisted Revolving Trunk 2
Twisted Tree Flute ^
Twisted Walnuts Hand Mono Burst
Twisted Walnuts Hand Mono Motion
Twisted Walnuts Hand Wide Burst
Twisted Walnuts Hand Wide Motion
Twisted Walnuts Motor Mono Motion
Twisted Walnuts Motor Mono Pulse
Twisted Walnuts Motor Wide 1
Twisted Walnuts Motor Wide 2
Twisted Walnuts Motor Wide Soft
Twisted Wonderworld 1
Twisted Wonderworld 2
Twisted Wood Donkey Torture
Twisted Wood Goat Anguish
Twisted Wood Goat Torture ^
Twisted Wood Hog Mud
Twisted Wood Horse
Twisted Wood Pig Wrestle 1
Twisted Wood Pig Wrestle 2
Twisted Wood Pig Wrestle 3
Twisted Wood Pig
Twisted Wood Rooster Pain 1
Twisted Wood Rooster Pain 2
Twisted Wood Rooster Pain 3
Twisted Wood Rooster Pain 4
Twisted Wood Sheep Shred 1
Twisted Wood Sheep Shred 2

– 20 Soundsources

Twisted Autumn Leaves Noise
Twisted Click Language 1
Twisted Click Language 2
Twisted Ghost Ship Fluid 1
Twisted Ghost Ship Fluid 2
Twisted Ghost Ship Granularity 1
Twisted Ghost Ship Granularity 2
Twisted Ghost Ship Liquid
Twisted Ghost Ship Multiforma 1
Twisted Ghost Ship Multiforma 2
Twisted Sand Wood 1 Air
Twisted Sand Wood 2 Air
Twisted Wood Dolphin Babies
Twisted Wood Dolphin Giant
Twisted Wood Dolphin Radio
Twisted Wood Dolphin
Twisted Wood Dolphins Chatting 1
Twisted Wood Dolphins Chatting 2
Twisted Wood Dolphins on Acid 1
Twisted Wood Dolphins on Acid 2

– 47 Soundsources

Twisted Autumn Leaves Resonator
Twisted Autumn Leaves Texture
Twisted Autumn Leaves Tron
Twisted Burning Fog
Twisted Ceramic Fireflies ^
Twisted Dark Fog
Twisted Drunken Little Bird 1
Twisted Drunken Little Bird 2
Twisted Organ Bird 1
Twisted Organ Bird 2
Twisted Organ Reptile
Twisted Palm Cortex Nerves
Twisted Palm Dark Times 1
Twisted Palm Dark Times 2
Twisted Palm Ethereal ^ RR
Twisted Palm Frontier Forest
Twisted Palm Giant Organ RR
Twisted Palm Modular 1
Twisted Palm Modular 2
Twisted Palm Modular 3
Twisted Palm Nocturnal
Twisted Palm Scanner RR
Twisted Palm Scarecrow 1
Twisted Palm Scarecrow 2 RR
Twisted Palm Sinister RR
Twisted Palm Steady Bass Bright
Twisted Palm Steady Bass Dark
Twisted Palm Wave 01
Twisted Palm Wave 02
Twisted Palm Wave 03
Twisted Palm Wave 04
Twisted Palm Wave 05
Twisted Palm Wave 06
Twisted Palm Wave 07
Twisted Palm Wave 08
Twisted Palm Wave 09
Twisted Palm Wave 10
Twisted Palm Wave 11
Twisted Palm Wave 12
Twisted Palm Wave 13
Twisted Palm Wave Tension 1
Twisted Palm Wave Tension 2
Twisted Palm Wide Growler ^ RR
Twisted Sand Wood 1 Resonance
Twisted Sand Wood 1 Tonal
Twisted Sand Wood 2 Resonance
Twisted Sand Wood 2 Tonal



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