Sound React 1.2 Addon for Blender Free Download

Sound React 1.2 Addon for Blender Free Download

Sound React 1.2 Addon for Blender Full Version Free Download

This addon makes any animatable property in blender react to sound, any audio file can react to any property on blender as long as it’s data path is accessible at any specific frequency or range or from the presets provided, you can make a cube scale on the bass and a sphere scale on the highs to make something cool

sound can react to scale, location, rotation or any animatable property, using this addon you make a property animate on one specific frequency, or from the presets provided

  • Bass – property reacts to bass
  • Kicks – property reacts to kicks
  • Mild – property reacts to melodies, snares voices and more
  • High –  property reacts voices, high notes and more
  • Treble – property reacts to voices of women, kids, snares and more
  • Full – property reacts to any frequency

Sound React comes with Basic and Advanced Tabs,

Basic Tab is for those who know nothing about frequencies of sounds and they just want to do things fast

Advanced Tab is for those who know a lot about sounds and their frequencies, in this you can make an object react to one frequency

Preset: This has the frequency preset to speed things up

Data Path: Scale is for easy animating he scale and Custom is where you copy your custom data path

Max Size: This scales the object up or down

Add Sound; this will add sound in the background

How to react on anything

Updated 1.2v: Add a keyframe on an object on any property, make sure it the first or selected in the Fcurve Modifier, then Goto the panel, change Data Path to Active Keyframe and click React, it will add sound react on that active keyframe you added on that object

go to your property, right click on it and click copy data path then paste it on the custom data path on the sound react panel

this sound is reacting on the scale of the ocean Z axis

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